Niha Redhu
Niha Redhu

I wish to provide my content writing services at a price which is comfortable for you to afford and at the same time does justice to my writing talent too.

For writing unique and original content I charge $25 per page[ INR 1125/- per page; OR, INR 2.50/- per word] .  One page typically contains 350-400 words. This cost would cover the needed research at my end as well as a maximum of 3 edits that you might need for the original draft that I submit to you.

In the case of SEO complying content writing services my charges remain the same if you provide me with the targeted keywords that you wish me to include in the content. In case you wish me to do the keyword hunting for you I would charge an additional of $8 (INR 300/-) for the same.

In the case of rewriting I charge on a project basis after having a look at the amount of rewriting required in the project.

There is also a 50% advance payment required prior to the start of the engagement.

I would like to reaffirm that the content provided to you would be of the length which fits your need and would be by no means influenced to increase your costs.

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