Niha Redhu
Niha Redhu
About Me


A professional biotechnologist who tried getting her hands dirty in the number crunching world of finance to finally finding her heart in the mystic world of alphabets; that’s Niha for you!

A trained biotechnologist, I realized early on that I was not meant to work in space confining laboratories. I feared that microscopes would make my world claustrophobic and thereby I had to find my own open niche. I always had the knack of writing but never gave it a serious thought. But then there comes a point when you have to make a decision; a decision between working for the heck of it or working for the love of it. I chose the latter.

The decision to leave the comfortable corporate world surprisingly seemed natural. I had decided to take the risk of starting out on my own as a professional freelance web content writer. Starting from 2007 I have not stopped creating magic with simple words and am completely in love with the process.

Residing in Bangalore, India, I am a one man army. Aiming for quality and not quantity I am a compulsive perfectionist. I am in love with my profession and ensure that my work reflects the same passion and commitment.